Web toolkit and APIs for EDI integrations

A collection of web apps and developer APIs for everyone working with B2B and Healthcare EDI files.

Validate B2B and Healthcare EDI files

Validate EDI syntax to immediately identify any issues in your EDI files with a visual highlight. Then correct and verify all errors in the EDI or the JSON editor.

A missing element, wrong EDI code, or invalid character can cause an entire EDI transaction to be rejected. Cross-reference with the interactive specification for all EDI standards.

Convert between EDI and JSON

Upload EDI or JSON files to transpose EDI data into JSON or back accurately. The JSON representation adheres to the open-source OpenEDI format based on OpenAPI 3.

All transactions in an EDI file are transposed according to their predefined models in the EDI Formats library. Create valid EDI files directly from JSON.

Generate EDI acknowledgments

Automatically generate configurable EDI-compliant acknowledgments - TA1, 997, or 999 for X12, and CONTRL (technical and functional) for EDIFACT.

Whether you need to respond to trading partners that require EDI compliant acknowledgments or are undergoing EDI certification, our ACK generator ticks all the boxes.

Explore the library of EDI formats

Explore our free library of interactive and downloadable EDI specifications. View all loops, segments, and elements, and inspect their usage, repetitions, EDI codes, etc.

The following EDI Standards are supported - X12, EDIFACT, EANCOM, HIPAA, VDA, IATA, US Customs, SMDG, IAIABC, HL7, NCPDP, and eDIGAS.

Create and customize EDI formats

Quickly create EDI specifications from scratch, or edit existing ones to match any implementation guideline. Effortlessly deploy new EDI models on the fly with a single click.

Begin by importing a SEF file or an OpenEDI specification you downloaded from the EDI Formats library. Use your favorite JSON/YAML editor to modify the EDI specification.

REST API for all EDI operations

Our EDI API is organized around REST and allows developers to utilize and automate all EDI operations, such as read, write, validate and acknowledge EDI files.

Quickly build robust, scalable, and flexible EDI applications in your preferred programming language. The API is hosted in our cloud but is also available for hosting in your environment.

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